We’ve been using Starlink for close to a month now and we have been very impressed. The latency is on par with our DSL (~30 ms) but the down and up speeds are much faster, 140-150 mbps down and 30-40mbps up on 5gHz and 30-40 down and 20-25 up on the 2.4 gHz ban vs 7mbps down and 0.5 mbps up on DSL.

Too Long

It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything here. I need to change that.

We visited the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, North Carolina today. These were all originally created with scrap materials and were on his family farm outside Wilson.

I got my Traska Venturer GMT watch today.

Traska Venturer GMT dial

Traska Venturer GMT case

Traska Venturer GMT case

I just got the shipping notification for my Traska Venturer GMT. It should be delivered on Thursday. I am extremely excited about getting it. I have been wanting a traveller’s GMT watch for years but they were always out of my price range or I didn’t really like how the watch looked.

My Traska Ventuer GMT should hopefully ship this week. I also preordered a Traska Freediver in Carbon Black with Date and a Traska Commuter in Aegean Blue with Date.

We were going through things at my grandparents home after my grandmother’s funeral today, & I found what I believe is my great-grandfather’s Waltham pocketwatch

Flying into Jackson Hole Airport in Jackson, Wyoming.

Flying into Jackson Hole Airport in Jackson, Wyoming.

Sunset at Dallas Love Field last night.

Full moon above a cloud layer shortly after taking off out of Lexington, Kentucky. It’s a little blurry but still think it’s a cool shot

My company just put out a bid notice for at least 16 captain slots for the airplane I’m currently flying. The bid closes 9 DEC and I’ll found whether I get the upgrade by 16 DEC. I can bid captain in any fleet, awarded based on seniority. Upgrading in fleet means less training.

Anybody watch Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty on HBO Max yet? I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and it’s good

The company has said they are planning to hire 700 new pilots and upgrade 400 pilots to captain next year. There are going to be a lot of retirements over the next few years which should mean opportunities for me to hold a captain slot on a larger aircraft in the near future.

I’m oh so close to upgrading to Captain at work. I was 9 seniority numbers away after the captain bid last week. I’m hoping the company posts another bid at the end of November or beginning of December. January at the latest.

I’m finally getting around to setting up some of the stuff on Omg.lol. Now I just to need to play around and get Status.lol added to my M.b site. (Currently a work in progress)

We are going to attempt a family camping trip this weekend with a 2 year old. Definitely a mix of bravery and craziness.

Omg.lol people. I need help adding status.lol to my micro.blog theme

I really need to get around to finish my omg.lol setup and integrate Statuslog into Micro.blog

I forgot the ShellFish app on iOS integrates with DigitalOcean. I was able to spin up a new server, install Algo VPN, and add my NextDNS server to Algo all from my iPhone.

I heard back from work about going to Europe Sept 10th-18th to bring one of the planes back and they said those dates wouldn’t work schedule wise. I’m a little disappointed about not bringing a plane back & fly an oceanic crossing but I’m thankful for my 2 Europe trips I did get